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printing ...

From business cards through to signage, printed/hardcopy media plays a major part in a company’s brand awareness budget, as does the designing of.

With the experienced backup of our own art team together with access to proven trade printers, BlueShark have been offering our clients ‘one-stop branding’ serviced by competitive pricing.

design ...

You may not be working with a designer or your company’s art department may currently not be available to create for you. Either way, we also offer the skilled talents of our own print and brand-experienced graphic artists at an affordable rate.

supplying images ...

Most printed media requires high resolution images for quality reproduction. When supplying images for printed products such as flyers or brochures, their sizing should be at least 300dpi at 100% of their intended sizing. 150dpi is our preferrence for larger signage and 110 dpi for billboards.

A fairly good guide as to whether an image is suited for standard print reproduction is to check you can zoom in quite closely on your computer or table screen before pixelation or blurring occurs.

Images found on the internet are often under copyright. When for use of public brand advertising, it is recommend the images licence/s is purchased to avoid future litigations.

business cards
corporate stationery
presentation folders
gift vouchers
event cards
colour-in books
docket books
store & vehicle signage
booth displays

for the client ...

Files are preferred in pdf format for layouts and eps for vector logos. If you are working with a designer, please forward them a link to this page for reference.

Should you be your own star designer, please find design templates with specifications at the base of this column.

for the designer ...

Files are preferred in high quality pdf format, unflattened (editable) on Windows in Adobe if any adjustments are required.

Standard practise in digital printing is CMYK. Please convert PMS files according to brand requirements before sending, or supply CMYK information with an editable (unflattened) file.

Please ensure all fonts are converted to curves.

Unless otherwise advised, printed media pdf files are to include a minimum of 3mm bleed and trim marks only.

Several standard design templates are offered below for guidance when ordering these products through BlueShark. Please advise our art department if any other product template is required.
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